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Added at 12:36 on 22nd February by the Archivist

5 Hurt in Rail Accident

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Added at 20:13 on 12th January by the Archivist

A review into the causes of passenger disruption affecting King's Cross and Paddington station services on 27 December 2014

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Added at 14:58 on 28th December by the Archivist

Rail Accident Report: Passenger train collision with trolley at Bridgeway User Worked Crossing, near Shrewsbury - 16 January 2014

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Derailment at Brighton Lovers Walk on 15th April

Derailment involving Southern
0 fatalities, 0 injuries

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Person(s) injured at Clapham South on 12th March

Person(s) dragged by train involving London Underground Ltd
0 fatalities, 1 injury

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Collision at Scout Green on 7th March

Train shed its load, collision with structure involving unknown train operator
0 fatalities, 0 injuries

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Added at 19:27 on 19th August by the Archivist

Link to new historical mapping site

You may or may not be aware of a useful new resource for tracing the routes of current and historical railways in the UK and Ireland. Rail Map Online is building an accurate map of all past and present routes, and as such is useful when tracing ... more on this post »


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Suspension Notice 1 April 2015

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VIDEO: Labour wants to train more nurses

Added today at 07:00

The Labour party says it would write to colleges and universities asking them to reopen admissions f...
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Cameras to reduce rail-crossing risk

Added today at 06:00

Safety cameras will be placed at level crossings to deter motorists from jumping lights and risking ...
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'Ghost' railway station uncovered

Added yesterday at 15:30

Rail workers discover a "ghost" station in south London which closed a century ago.
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