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A report by the BTC, outlining the reasons for the choice of 25kV AC supply for future electrification schemes.

This document was published in 1956 by British Transport Commission.

It was written by British Transport Commission.

The original document format was Bound Booklet, and comprised 25 pages.

This document was kindly sourced from Robin Webster and is in our Technical documents collection. It was added to the Archive on 1st June 2007.

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This document is © BRB (Residuary) Ltd.

"the Commission have decided to depart from the electrification systems hitherto used in this country and to adopt as a standard for future electrification the use of an overhead supply of alternating current at industrial (50-cycle) frequency, generally at a pressure of 25kV. They except from this ruling only those parts of the Southern Region where a change in the existing third-rail system is not practicable.

The following chapters, after providing a brief historical review of railway electrification in Britain and elsewhere, outline the origin and nature of the technical data upon which the Commission have based their decisions."

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