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The report on the collision of a passenger train with empty stock at Swanley Junction in 1937.

This document was published on 29th July 1937 by Ministry of Transport.

It was written by Lieut. Col. A. H. L. Mount.

This item is linked to the Accident at Swanley Junction on 27th June 1937

The original document format was Bound Volume, and comprised 12 pages.

This document was kindly sourced from Office of Rail Regulation and is in our Accident reports collection. It was added to the Archive on 20th April 2008.

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"The 8.17 a.m. up passenger train (steam), Margate to Victoria, via Canterbury West, Ashford, and Maidstone East, travelling at considerable speed, passed Swanley Junction home signal (platform starter) in the danger position, and came into violent collision with a loaded goods wagon and an empty 2-coach bogie set, which were standing in the short up (run-off) siding at the London end of the station. The train was running late and out of course; it was due to pass Swanley Junction at 10.52 p.m., but it was intended to stop it specially to pick up a number of passengers who had missed their normal connection (the preceding up branch electric train).

There were some 100 passengers in the train, and I regret to report that four sustained fatal injuries. Eleven other passengers were injured and taken to hospital, eight of them being detained; 36 others also complained of minor injuries or shock, of whom eight sustained cuts or bruises when subsequently rendering assistance. [The driver] and [the fireman] had remarkable escapes; but they evidently suffered severely from shock, and the latter, who was also slightly injured, could not remain at duty."

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