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The report into the collision between a road vehicle and a passenger train at Lockington level crossing in 1986.

This document was published on 21st August 1987 by Department of Transport.

It was written by Maj. A. B. G. King.

This item is linked to the Accident at Lockington on 26th July 1986

The original document format was Stapled Book, and comprised 31 pages.

This document was kindly sourced from Harry Knox and is in our Accident reports collection. It was added to the Archive on 10th April 2006.

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This document is Crown Copyright, and is subject to the terms governing the reproduction of crown copyright material. Depending on the status and age of the original document, you may need an OPSI click-use license if you wish to reproduce this material, and other restrictions may apply. Please see this explanation for further details.

"As the 09.33 Bridlington to Hull Ccar diesel multiple-unit (2F21) travelling at about 50 mile/h closely approached the crossing, which is of the type known as an Automatic Open Crossing Remotely monitored (AOCR), at which trains initiate the steady yellow and twin red flashing road traffic-light signals, the van was driven onto the crossing against the red lights. The left hand buffer of the train (in the direction of travel) struck the near side of the van behind the passenger seat and as the left hand lifeguard and leading wheel ran into the floor of the van it was ripped into five pieces and slewed to the left. The left hand leading wheel of the train attempted to run up over the van's axle and both leading wheels of the train were derailed to the left as they departed from the crossing.

Derailment was then progressive as the wheels ran down to the left of the embankment on which the line runs. The leading coach jack-knifed, turned on its side, and was dragged along backwards with the leading end of the second coach being forced over the adjacent track. The two following coaches were both derailed but remained upright.

The emergency services were requested almost immediately and reacted very speedily. A police car arrived at 10.10, the first Fire Brigade appliance arrived at 10.13 and the first ambulance at 10.19. Hull Royal Infirmary was alerted and the first casualty was taken into the hospital at 11.09. I very much regret to report that eight passengers in the train and a passenger in the van lost their lives and 59 people, including the train and van drivers and two firemen, were taken to hospital, of whom 10 were detained."

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