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This act gave legal status to the Railway Clearing House (RCH), which acted as a transfer point for revenue where goods and passengers crossed from one railway to another.

Please note that this Act is presented in its original form as passed. This Act may have been amended by subsequent legislation. For details of amendments please see the UK Statute Law Database at

This document was published on 25th June 1850 by Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

It was written by Her Majesty's Government.

The original document format was Paper, and comprised 7 pages.

This document was kindly sourced from Parliamentary Archives and is in our Primary legislation collection. It was added to the Archive on 19th September 2006.

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"WHEREAS for some Time past Arrangements have subsisted between several Railway Companies for the Transmission without Interruption of the through Traffic passing over different Lines of Railway, for the Purpose of affording the same or the like Facilities as if such Lines had belonged to one Company, which Arrangements are commonly known as "the Clearing System", and which Arrangements are conducted under the Superintendence of a Committee appointed by the Boards of Directors of such Railway Companies: And whereas the Clearing System has been productive of great Convenience to the Public, and a considerable Saving of Expense; but considerable difficulty has been experienced in carrying into effect the Objects of the Association, in consequence of the Committee not possessing the Power of prosecuting or defending Actions or Suits, or taking other legal Proceedings: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted That the several Companies which at the Time of the passing of this Act are Parties to the Clearing System, and every other Company shall be subject to the Provisions of this Act."

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