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West Anglia Great Northern Franchise Invitation to Tender

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UK Template Franchise Agreement

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Rail Accident Report: Runaway and subsequent collision near to Loughborough Central station, Great Central Railway - 12 May 2014

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Derailment at Mossend on 20th May

Derailment involving unknown train operator
0 fatalities, 0 injuries

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BBC news story added 15:00 on 20th May 2015
Disruption after goods train derails »


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Derailment at Cardiff on 27th April

Derailment involving Arriva Trains Wales
0 fatalities, 0 injuries

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Derailment at Brighton Lovers Walk on 15th April

Derailment involving Southern
0 fatalities, 0 injuries

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Mailing List Revived!

Many of you will be wondering what happened to our monthly newsletter containing a handy summary of new documents and accidents added to the site. We pulled our previous proprietary software about a year ago because it was difficult to operate and was not configured to provide the opt-out which you ... more on this post »


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Revocation of Suspension Notice

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Tourism 'crucial' to Borders railway

Added yesterday at 23:45

The author of a book about the Borders to Edinburgh railway says tourist and leisure passengers coul...
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Transcal moves to grow rail division

Added yesterday at 18:30

Livi9ngston-based transport seating firm Transcal expands by buying a specialist metal fabrication a...
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Five-year-old 'ran across rail line'

Added yesterday at 12:15

Children as young as five have been seen running across the railway line between the platforms at a ...
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